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  1. iPadOS 14.7 and macOS Big Sur 11.5 come with plenty of bug fixes and security updates

    It's unusual for iPadOS to come after iOS, but it's here.

  2. Today’s massive Internet outage comes courtesy of Akamai Edge DNS

    Contrary to popular belief, it's not always DNS... but it is today.

  3. Google pushed a one-character typo to production, bricking Chrome OS devices

    Google broke a conditional statement that verifies passwords. A fix is rolling out.

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  1. AT&T nightmare: Woman had to wait 3+ months for broadband at new home

    AT&T, the only ISP available, kept canceling installs until she contacted news media.

  2. Saudi Aramco confirms data leak after $50 million cyber ransom demand

    World’s largest oil producer says some company files were compromised.

  3. PG&E likely sparks another massive fire, pledges to bury 10,000 miles of power lines

    Utility says undergrounding will take 10 years to complete.

  4. Google turns AlphaFold loose on the entire human genome

    The AI-driven structural predictions are being shared through a public database.

  5. Activision Blizzard sued by state agency over alleged widespread discrimination

    "Frat boy culture" cited as serious factor for pay disparity, sexual harassment.

  6. CIA officer from bin Laden hunt to lead Havana Syndrome probe as cases rise

    There may be as many as 200 cases now, including around two dozen from Vienna.

  7. Home and office routers come under attack by China state hackers, France warns

    Compromised routers give the hackers anonymity in ongoing large-scale attacks.

  8. Event Horizon Telescope captures birth of black hole jet in Centaurus A

    Images narrow down possible theoretical explanations for how black hole jets form.

  9. Lawsuit: eBay tried to “terrorize, stalk, and silence” couple that ran news site

    Filing in bloody pig mask case says "morning shots of alcohol" were common at eBay.

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  1. Despite Tuesday’s flight, Jeff Bezos is running out of time to save Blue Origin

    “What we know about Jeff Bezos is that he doesn’t like losing."

  2. Google Maps massively expands its mass transit crowd-reporting service

    Google's mass transit crowd reporting will expand to 50x its current reach.

  3. PlasticArm is a 32-bit bendable processor

    Flexible electronics have been done before, but not on this scale.

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  1. Report: Apple will introduce a new iPhone SE with A15, 5G in early 2022

    But a future for the iPhone SE likely means an end for the iPhone mini.

  2. Catholic priest quits after “anonymized” data revealed alleged use of Grindr

    Location data is almost never anonymous.

  3. Samsung confirms August 11 event—here’s what to expect

    Samsung will announce the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and hopefully a smartwatch.

  4. Netflix bleeds subscribers in US and Canada, with no sign of recovery

    Streaming group issues disappointing forecasts for third-quarter customer growth.

  5. Lyft ditches Google Maps for Here, partners with Argo AI

    Argo and Ford will deploy driverless cars on Lyft's network in Miami and Austin.

  6. Audacity’s new owner is in another fight with the open source community

    Muse Group's intentions appear to be good—but they're paving an unpleasant road.

  1. Delta goes to Washington, infects vaccinated Capitol staffers

    "This delta variant is no joke.”

  2. Two-for-Tuesday vulnerabilities send Windows and Linux users scrambling

    Both OSes have flaws that allow attackers with a toehold to elevate access.

  3. Biden picks Google foe to lead DOJ antitrust as it mulls plan to break up Big Tech

    Biden nominee Jonathan Kanter criticized US for not breaking up monopolies.

  4. Is any country installing renewables fast enough to reach climate goals?

    A look at 60 countries shows that renewable growth rarely reaches the rates we need.

  5. Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is available in stores now for $99

    It works with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  6. The MAGA-targeted “Freedom Phone” has a breathtaking amount of red flags

    Analysis: No specs listed, "uncensored" app store looks like Google Play.

  7. Report claims Apple will finally give the iPad mini some love

    The publication's sources claim the iPad mini will get the iPad Air treatment.

  8. ISPs spent $235 million on lobbying and donations, “more than $320,000 a day”

    Common Cause report says industry lobbying of Congress worsens the digital divide.